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Group R4 Information
Updated at October 01, 2010
LANCER Evolution X (CZ4A)
Updated at May 18, 2009
LANCER Evolution IX (CT9A)
Updated at May 18, 2009
Updated at May 18, 2009
LANCER Evolution VIII (CT9A)
Updated at May 18, 2009
LANCER Evolution VII (CT9A)

Updated at August 25, 2010
Installation manual & Installation drawing

General notice of the products
  1. This website describes the RALLIART sport parts for FIA Group N and parts listed in this website are specifically intended to use for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Japanese domestic models which are mentioned in the FIA homologated vehicle list.
  2. To purchase the parts listed here, please contact your nearest dealer outlet directly.
  3. RALLIART reserves the right to change specifications, prices, and part numbers or to discontinue parts at any time without prior notice.
  4. QTY in the text indicates quantity necessary for one vehicle.
  5. Component parts of kits and/or sets are not available separately.
  6. Data on part dimensions and performance characteristics may vary from that given on this website depending upon measurement methods utilized and conditions of use.
  7. Actual parts may differ from the pictures or illustrations shown on this website.
  8. Installation of some parts may affect vehicle ride, vehicle performance, other parts performance or driving characteristics. Please be aware of this possibility before installing any parts on your vehicle.

Notice of Installation
  1. Installation of some parts requires dismounting of other parts and obliges you to bring them to a service garage. Please ask a service garage to install the parts in order to fit them properly.
  2. Do not install the parts on the vehicle to which these are not applicable. In addition, the parts should not be modified, disassembled or altered in any manner. These acts are dangerous and also may incur violation of law.
  3. Some parts should not be installed in combination with other parts.
  4. Combining certain parts may cause inferior performance or improper operation. Please confirm specifications in advance.
  5. Do not combine the parts with a non-RALLIART sport part. Doing so may cause damage to the parts and /or the vehicle.
  6. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that the entered car complies with all the regulations including homologation rules. When you enter your car with the parts listed here in any competition, please consult organizer of the event concerned for confirmation of conformity.

Notice of warranty of the products
  1. Any claim for the parts listed in this website and any failure caused by the parts can not be accepted in principle.
  2. Any damage of the parts and/or the vehicle caused by direct or indirect influence of installation of the parts listed here may not be guaranteed.
  3. Installation of the part listed in this website voids warranty coverage on your vehicle concerned issued from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

*The specifications of the parts list in September 2008