1 March 2010

Mitsubishi Motors/Ralliart Driver of the Year 2009
Comments from Mr.Armindo Araujo and Mr.Vaclav Pech Jr. arrived

from left: Mr.PauloCabrita,President of MMP, Mr.Armindo Araujo, Mr.Mizuno,Vice-President of MMP

From left: Mr.Martin Knob, Managing Director of MMCZ, Mr.Vaclav Pech.Jr

From Mr.Armindo Araujo (Champion of 2009 FIA Production Car World Rally Championship / he belongs RALLIART Italy) and Mr.Vaclav Pech Jr.(Champion of 2009 FIA Europe Rally Cup-Central),photos of the awarding ceremony and their comments arrived.

The plaque of Mitsubishi Motors/Ralliart Driver of the Year 2009 was awarded to Mr.Armindo Araujo from Mr.PauloCabrita President of Mitsubishi Motors sole distributor "Mitsubishi Motors Portugal S.A" (MMP) in Portugal and also to Mr.Vaclav Pech Jr. from Martin Knob, Managing Director Mitsubishi Motors sole distributor "M Motors CZ s.r.o"(MMCZ) in Czech.

Comment of Mr.Armindo Araujo:
I would like to thank to Mitsubishi Motors Portugal S.A and specially to Mr. Paulo Cabrita all the support given to my career since 2005, during the last 5 Rally seasons I had the opportunity to drive 3 generations of Lancer Evolution ( VIII MR, IX and X ) with which I got 2 Portuguese Rally Championships ( 2005, 2006 ), and the 2010 FIA PWRC World Rally Title. In 2010 I will be defending my World tittle with a Mitsubishi Evolution X, and sincerely hope to keep on driving the next generations of the fantastic Lancer Evolution family. Thank you very much Mitsubishi Motors.

Mr.Armindo Araujo is to participate in FIA Production Car World Rally Championship in 2010 succeeding to 2009 with Lancer Evolution X from RALLIART Italy.

Comment of Mr.Vaclav Pech Jr.
This award is very appreciated as evaluation of our effort last year and motivation for new season.

Mr,Vaclav Pech Jr. is to participate in 2009 FIA Europe Rally Cup-Central in 2010 with Lancer Evolution IX,succeeding to 2009. On the other hand, he would like to consider the change to Lancer Evolution X. His playing an active part would be looking forward to.

Mr.Armindo Araujo(3rd place in Sweden Rally,Round-1 of 2010 FIA Production Car World Rally Championship)

Mr.Uhel Co-driver(left) M. Mr.Vaclav Pech Jr.(right)
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