8 February 2010
"Radiator Hose Kit" for competition use Goes on Sale
- Silicon is adopted as the material adaptable to sudden change of water temperature and pressure inside the hose. Its new construction has the excellent reliability -

Radiator Hose Kit
RALLIART INC. (President: Masao Taguchi) has made available "Radiator Hose Kit" for competition use as VO homologated parts which is endurable to sudden change of water temperature and pressure inside the hose.

"Radiator Hose Kit" on sale this time is made of silicon which does not make so much change of its shape against the sudden water temperature change and has the excellent endurance. This Hose kit is produced which is most applicable exclusively for 4B11 turbo charged engine. Also, the hexagonal pattern woven reinforced cloth inside the hose and the black color anti-oil material at inner layer are adopted which keep the excellent reliability. Kit consists of 2 Upper Hoses and 2 Lower Hoses. This kit will be exchanged with the genuine one.

■ Features
- Group-N Homologation Parts (FIA Homologation No.N-5718 09/06/VO).
- Silicon. Hexagonal pattern woven reinforced cloth. Black color anti-oil material at the inner layer.
- Endurable water temperature: -200 ºC
- Endurable pressure: 5.6 kg/cm2
- Pressure at break: 8.0 kg/cm2
- Exchange with Mitsubishi Motors Genuine hose.
■ The content of "Radiator Hose Kit"
Product name Product number Price Including tax
(before tax)
Radiator Hose Kit RA137205S1 34,650yen(33,000yen) Hose:Silicon(Blue), Band:Steal, Upper hose & Lower hose. 8 bands.
<Repair parts>
Hose band
RA404538N1 368yen(350yen) Only this hose band can be available.
* Price is the suggested retail price as of February 2010 not including the installation charge.

■ Applicable model : LANCER EVOLUTION X (CZ4A)

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