8 February 2010
Group-N competition use

"Carbon Door & Floor Panel" Goes on Sale
- Lightened the weight of Lancer Evolution X and up-graded the driving performance -

Carbon Door Panel(front right side)

Carbon Door Panel(rear right side)

Carbon Floor Panel(driver)
RALLIART INC. (President: Masao Taguchi) has made available "Carbon Door & Floor Panel " as competition use parts for Lancer EvolutionX (CZ4A) Group-N and other competition categories.

"Carbon Door & Floor Panel "on sale this time has made the weight of Lancer Evolution X lighten and up-grade the driving performance. Also, Door Panel has the shape of a little put up into the inside of vehicle as little as it can be. Likely, the knowhow which were gotten through motorsport activities has been reflected every part. By the installation of both Front and Rear "Door Panel Set" has realized to lighten about 5 Kg at maximum.

■ Features
- These parts are applicable to the Group-N regulation*.
- Dry(Prepreg) Carbon has been adopted as the material which has made strengthen lighten the weight.
*Subject to the original door construction should not be modified. (the bar and other reinforcement material should not be removed)
■ The content of "Carbon Door & Floor Panel "
Product name Product number Price Including tax
(before tax)
Carbon Door Panel set(front) RA722997S1 199,500yen(190,000yen) Dry(Prepreg) carbon: 1pcs for right & 1pcs for Left. Side,Carbon door trimbox: 1pcs for right & 1 pcs for left side. Lighten about 3kg
Carbon Door Panel set(Rear) RA722433S1 178,500yen(170,000yen) Dry(Prepreg) carbon: 1pcs for right & 1pcs for left. Lighten about 2kg.
Carbon Floor Panel set
(for LHD vehicle)
RA525111S1 152,250yen(145,000yen) Dry(Prepreg) carbon. 1pcs for driver side and 1pcs for co-driver side. Driver panel
<Piece weight>
Driver panel(LHD) :about 1,200g
Driver panel(RHD) :about 1,100g
Co-driver panel(LHD/RHD):about 800g
Carbon Floor Panel set
(for RHD vehicle)
RA525112S1 152,250yen(145,000yen)
* Price is the suggested retail price as of February 2010 not including the installation charge.

■ Applicable model : LANCER EVOLUTION X (CZ4A)

■ Remarks
- When the installation of these parts, it is necessary to process the panel itself and the body of vehicle.
- Noise inside the vehicle might be bigger since the priority was to lighten the weight.
- These parts are hand made. So, the finishing of surface is different by parts by parts.
- When customers participate in the competition with the installation of this Kit, it is necessary to confirm whether this kit conforms each competition's regulation or not.

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