25 January 2010
Dakar Rally 2010

Carlos Sousa in "Mitsubishi Racing Lancer" finished the Rally at overall 6th as the best among of private teams.
22 units of Mitsubishi cars participated in the Rally and appeared the endurance and stoutness by the completely finished ratio* of the Rally more than the average of Car category.
*:Completely finished ratio Mitsubishi car 50.0% Non Mitsubishi car:39.6%

Carlos Sousa placed overall 6th Highest among private teams and Japanese brands

During 1st (Fri) to 17th (Sun)January, 2010, the largest scaled cross country rally in the world "2010 Dakar Rally" was held at Argentine and Chile in South America. 138 units of Car, 184 units of Moto & Quad (Buggy) and 50 units of Truck participated in the Rally.
Among Car category, 22 units of Mitsubishi cars participated from private teams and 11 units completely finished the Rally(Finished ratio 50.0%) which was superior to the average finished ratio of Car category (39.6%. except Mitsubishi) and strongly appeared the endurance and stoutness of Mitsubishi vehicles.

Dakar Rally this year started at Buenos Aires, the capital city in Argentine on 1st January (Fri) and crossed the over sea level 4,000 meters Andes mountains via the neighbor country Chile and again crossed Andes mountains to go back to Buenos Aires on 17th January(Sun). The route was set as the total 9,030 kilometers and the competition section 4,810 kilometers.
The route included Atacama Desert in Chile which is more difficult than Sahara Desert in Africa due to the climate reaching 40 Celsius and the high sea level and Andes mountains which forced drivers and vehicles fight in the low air pressure and oxygen. It was the tough rally which Dakar Rallies held in Africa were not defeated.

In this Dakar Rally named as the hardest motorsport in the world, total 22 units of the various type Mitsubishi cars participated.

C.Sousa (Portugal) who placed at overall 6th participated from "TEAM JMB STRDALE OFF ROAD". This Team participated with 5 units of Mitsubishi Racing Lancer. Team Director was Dominique Serieys(Ex-Team Director of Team Mitsubishi RALLIART) All units of this team completely finished the Rally and showed the reliability and endurance of Mitsubishi Racing Lancer.

Also, "TEAM BRAZIL ETHANOL ECO TEAM" participated with the Flexible Fuel Vehicle(FFV) Mitsubishi Pajero Sport which used the fuel made from a plant Biomass ethanol which are popular centrally in Brasil South America and generated the large topic reflecting the recent trend.

From Super Production category allowing the wide range modification and from Modified Production car category based on Production car. Pajero and L200 (Triton) participated. Among these cars ,Pajero Evolution which had the reputation as the proto-type car of Team Mitsubishi RALLIART in the past were included.

Dakar Rally in 2010 did the ceremonial start on 1st January (Fri) at Buenos Aires and along the street,around 800,000 fans gathered and sent the big cheering to drivers. Competition started from the next 2nd (Sat). At the initial stages, BMW and Volkswagen competed for the top position. In these competition, the strong Mitsubishi private teams took the position after the Volkswagen and the BMW teams with Mitsubishi Racing Lancer and Pajero which showed the running ability and stability aimed the top class position.

After crossed Andes mountains over sea level 4,000 meters, on 5th (Tue) the route entered in Chile and the course changed to the real desert including Atacama desert. Whilst the top position had been changed, Mitsubishi Racing Lancer driven by C.Sousa managed the Rally keeping the top position among Mitsubishi vehicles and always marked after Volkswagen and BMW Teams.

On 9th(Sat), at Antofagasta, Chile was the rest day. When the former stages finished, Carlos Sousa kept overall 7th. At the latter stages, he constantly continued the Rally and jumped up to overall 6th on 11th (Mon) which was the highest among private teams. His teammate Argentina driver O. Terranova (Argentina) marked 2nd fastest time on the stage 11 on 13th(Wed). Although he belonged the private team, he showed the superior speed than Volkswagen and BMW Teams and appealed the existence of Mitsubishi vehicles.

At the stage 14 on 16th (Sat), all the competition was over and on the next 17th (Sun) the ceremonial finish event was grandly held at the goal place Buenos Aires which made people the impression that Dakar Rally held in South America was fixative though the Rally this time was 2nd time in South America.

Carlos Sousa driving Mitsubishi Racing Lancer finished at overall 6th. This position was the highest among private teams and also the highest among Japanese brands which brought the fantastic result. O.Terranova at overall 9th who occasionally showed the fine speed with Mitsubishi Racing Lancer and his teammate G.Spinelli (Brasil) placed at overall 10th. From Mitsubishi private teams, 3 units placed among the overall top 10 hich made the splendid result.

Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz (Spain/Volkswagen 47 hours 10 minutes) won the overall victory.

Result of Mitsubishi vehicles at Car category in 2010 Dakar Rally
Pos. No. Driver Model Time (hh:mm:ss)
314 C.Sousa (PRT) MITSUBISHI,Racing Lancer  51:41:45
311 O.Terranova(ARG) MITSUBISHI,Racing Lancer  53:14:47
10  322 G.SPINELLI (BRA) MITSUBISHI,Racing Lancer  53:23:41
12  332 M.Barbosa(PRT) MITSUBISHI,Racing Lancer  54:31:23
13  318 N. MISSLIN (FRA) MITSUBISHI,Racing Lancer  56:06:41
15  317 T.VAN DEIJNE (NLD) MITSUBISHI,Pajero Evolution  61:01:48
26  353 S.SCHOTT (DEU) MITSUBISHI,Pajero  77:20:34
27  321 J.DE AZEVEDO (BRA) MITSUBISHI,Pajero  77:35:30
35  356 R.SZUSTKOWSKI (POL) MITSUBISHI,Pajero  84:47:29
46  337 E.VAN LOON (NLD) MITSUBISHI,L200(Triton) 111:05:34
49  420 L.SISTERNA (ARG) MITSUBISHI,Pajero 114:24:00
Total 57 cars finished. Non Mitsubishi car 46unit (39.6%), Mitsubishi car 11unit(50.0%)
():completely finished ratio.

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