19 January 2010
Modified class competition-use "Engine E.C.U." goes on sale
- Refrect the knowhow from 2009 motorsports activities, improved torque and acceleration -

Modified class competition use "Engine E.C.U."(image)
RALLIART INC. (President: Masao Taguchi) is adding the Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A) competition-use engine E.C.U. for use in modified classes and going on sale.

"Engine E.C.U." on sale this time is for use in modified classes competition and for use in motor sports private teams for dirt trials, modified class gymkhana and circuit race competitions. Base on the knowhow RALLIART Inc, have acquired through the support to motorsports activities in 2009, the setting of the followings were reviewed and it has made realize the up-grade of power and response.
The supercharged pressure solenoid, ignition fire timing, air fuel ratio, as well as MIVEC (continual variable valve timing) were reviewed for the improvement and torque was also improved. In addition, the positive accelerator sensor and throttle position sensor governor were optimized and the accelerator response was improved.

*This item is for competition use only. When driving on public roads you must reinstall the original standard E.C.U.

- Succeeding the swiftness of acceleration response which were well received.
- Up-grade of combined performance was realized togehter with [Active Center Differential E.C.U.](RA865234T2) which was on sales the other day.
- Keeping the same conditions as the standard one regarding the specification as to the security and the procedure of vehicle registration.day.
■Modified class competition-use "Engine E.C.U." specifics:
Product name Product number Price Including tax
(before tax)
Modified class competition use "Engine E.C.U." RA186220C2 126,000yen(120,000yen) For the domestic RS model, use only high-octane gasoline.
* Prices listed are manufacturer suggested retail prices and are current as of January 2010 and do not include installation charge.(For Japan Market)

■Conforming models : LANCER EVOLUTION X (CZ4A)RS exclusively

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