27 August 2009
For Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A)
Group-N competition use

" VO Brake Duct Kit " Goes on Sale
- upgrade brake cooling performance -
RALLIART INC. (President: Masao Taguchi) has additionally made available "VO Brake Duct Kit" for Lancer Evolution X(CZ4A) Group-N competition use and goes on 26th August, 2009.

"VO Brake Duct Kit" for Group-N competition on sale this time is a brake parts exclusively for motorsport and gets FIA Group-N homologation. For upgrading cooling performance, the duct is installed left and right inside of the standard front bumper and the outside air are directly led to the front brake through the attached cornice hose. Material of Brake Duct is black gel court finish FRP.
Cornice hose is made of an anti-heat material with an outside diameter 100mm. Installation of this kit makes the braking at a harder competition possible.

* This Kit is conformed to Group-N regulation and gets the homologation. (N-5718 08/05VO)
* Cornice hose in this Kit is used left and right by cutting it with free length.
■Group N. / Competition-use "VO Brake Duct Kit" specific:
Parts name Parts number Retail price Remarks
VO Brake Duct Kit RACZ4602S1 67,200yen(64,000yen) FRP
* Prices listed are manufacture suggested retail price and are current as of August,2009 and do not include installation charge(For Japanese Market)

■Conforming models:   Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A) RS / GSR (5M/T)
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