20 December, 2007
Mitsubishi Motors/RALLIART
Exhibiting 2 Cars:
Lancer Evolution X tuned by RALLIART and Group N Rally Car
at "Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 with NAPAC"
Special sale of new RALLIART products in booth

Lancer Evolution X tuned by RALLIART

Lancer Evolution X Group N Rally Car (Tarmac Spec.)
* Specs may vary from actual exhibition vehicles.

RALLIART INC. (President: Masao Taguchi)will exhibit two cars, a Lancer Evolution X tuned by Ralliart and a Lancer Evolution X Group N Rally Car (Tarmac Spec.), in the Mitsubishi Motors/Ralliart booth at "Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 with NAPAC" to be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, Chiba Prefecture from Friday, January 11 to Sunday, January 13, 2008. New sport parts designed for the Lancer Evolution X will also be on display. The booth will also include a Ralliart shop selling new Ralliart goods and an information desk.

1.Exhibit details
(1)Car exhibits
Theme of car exhibits

Under the theme of "the pleasure of tuning, the fun of handling", Ralliart aims to make the relationship between driver and car even more enjoyable with Ralliart parts born from the field of motor sport.

Concept of car exhibits
Lancer Evolution X tuned by RALLIART
In the pursuit of a higher order, the Lancer Evolution X has advanced dramatically using know-how that could only be gained from motor sport. The vehicle height control sport suspension kit developed jointly with German companies Bilstein and Eibach boasts superb road-holding and secures outstanding traction and steering information. The exterior features a black gloss coating co-developed with Enkei Corporation delivering lightness, high stiffness and high strength, and a set of RA04 sport aluminum wheels with excellent brake cooling performance and tires with enhanced wear resistance and grip. Aerodynamic parts include a newly designed carbon fiber front underspoiler, hood air dam, and front bumper air intake duct, and the intake and exhaust system has been tuned to get the best out of the engine. The interior is fitted with a motor sport shell-type full bucket seat jointly developed with Recaro.

Lancer Evolution X Group N Rally Car (Tarmac Spec.)
Body rigidity has been increased by a roll cage, strut tower bar and hard bush developed for Group N rallying while the drive system transmits power firmly to the road surface with a reinforced clutch and L.S.D. The Group N tarmac specs were developed for rally competition, including a large-size brake kit for tarmac, hydraulic side brakes, 18-inch aluminum wheels, roof ventilation, and a four-lamp headlight pod.

There are also plans to exhibit various different competition cars at such an early time of the year, including a Lancer Evolution X and a tuning car based on the Colt RALLIART Version-R and fitted with RALLIART sport parts.

(2) RALLIART shop
The Mitsubishi Motors/RALLIART booth will include a RALLIART shop where visitors can purchase items from the "RALLIART Collection 2007/2008 Autumn & Winter", including clothing, accessories, dress-up parts and popular sport parts developed with know-how gained from motor sport.

2. Mitsubishi Motors/RALLIART booth exhibition hall
West Hall
International Exhibition Hall
Makuhari Messe (Japan Convention Center)
2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture 261-0023, Japan

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